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How Often Should I Change My Razor Blades?

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This is the single biggest question we get asked every day by men and women and it’s not so easy to answer. Why? For the simple reason that shaving is subjective. Not everyone shaves the same or has the same hair thickness or has the same shape or the same preferences. Many factors go into the cartridge life and that is why there is no single answer to the question.

The key to determining when to change your razor blade is how you feel when your razor strokes your face. I can always tell, from the first swipe, that the blade needs changing. Usually about every ten days. Some people can make their cartridges last 30 or more. But you need a great razor blade to begin with.

There is a difference between cheap razor blades and inexpensive razor blades. Every man and woman wants a great shave, they are just tired of overpaying for it. But the key is quality. Just going overseas and importing a cheap razor blade is not the answer. Yes, they may be cheap enough to change your razors every few days but that doesn’t solve the problem. You need to have a razor of the same quality as the industry leaders. That puts the experience on an even playing field. Then make it less expensive than the bigger brands and now you can get the same shave experience, at a lower cost, and chose when you want to change your razor blades. Because the quality is just as good and the price is less there is no need to try to stretch the life of your razor blade. You can change it whenever you want to.

I may be one of the few out there, but I actually enjoy shaving in the morning and I shave in the shower. It is a great experience and starts my day off correctly. But I always make sure my razor blades are sharp or else my face feels horrible all day long.

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