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4 Signs You need to Change your Razor Blade

While the cost of razors continues to increase the inconvenience of going into a store to replace them is getting worse. Men and women try all kinds of tricks to extend the life of their razors to save money and make life easier, but sometimes people stretch things a bit too far. So here are 4 signs that you need to change your razor blade. .

1 – The Dartboard Face

You know you have pushed it a little too far extending your razor when you show up to meetings looking like your face was used in a dartboard game. You want people to take you seriously in meetings but it is hard to listen to a guy when he’s bleeding all over his presentation. If you do get some cuts and scrapes, try a little lip balm to seal up the cuts.

2 – It’s Time to Mow the Razor Blade

When your razor blade starts growing things on it and changing colors, it may be time to consider changing it. Even the best steel in the world is going to eventually turn colors and you don’t want that anywhere near your body. Not only is it going to hurt, but you will need a tetanus shot after every shave. The best razor blades are coated in titanium or ceramic to last longest with no rusting or growth.

3 – Your 5 o’clock Shadow Appears at 8AM

You spend time shaving in the morning, but you never feel quite right. You show up at the office and your face itches like crazy. Your co-workers keep asking you if you had a rough night. This may be a sign that you have pushed the limits of your razor. Consider a change.

4 – You Begin to Look for Options to Supplement your Shave

You just don’t feel like your razor is getting as close as you want so you look for ways to trim. Let’s face it, a good razor will give you about ten great shaves and 14 good ones but when you need to use one of these to trim, it may be time to consider changing blades.

With all of the high quality, low cost options available on the internet for shaving supplies, like The Ultimate Shave from Shavemob.com, there really isn’t a need to stretch that blade out any longer. Have them delivered to you when you need them so you can look your best all day, every day.