Copyright © ShaveMOB. All rights Reserved. Cartridges manufactured in South Korea. Handles manufactured in China. 

*Monthly and any other supply timeframe statements made by ShaveMob here or elsewhere are made based on ShaveMOB's opinions and estimates and have not been officially substantiated by third party scientific studies. Results may vary, depending on personalized use and individual characteristics, including without limitation: 
1. The number of shaves per week. 
2. The temperature of the water used to rinse the razor. 
3. The care taken to dry the razor after each use. 
4. The parts of the body shaved. 
5. The coarseness/toughness/length of the individual’s hair.

"Shaving was smooth, pleasant, and made for a very clean shave. You get the same quality blades at ShaveMOB but pay only half."


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